Waves of Violet

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Waves of Violet – Automaticity


Automaticity, the debut album from Waves of Violet is here!

Automaticity is a collection of songs steeped in 60’s era songwriting sensibilities while never sounding dated or clichéd. Adventurous, and at the same time accessible, these are songs with both lyrical and musical substance which reveal nuances and subtleties with repeated listening. Whether dreamy, droney, poppy or funky, each track will transport you to a new place.


This diverse, self-produced album combines state of the art recording technology with old school instrumental prowess, including inventive guitar soloing and melodic bass work. Innovative arrangements featuring imaginative keyboard flourishes, inspired percussion and effects enhance the overall sonic experience.


To begin the trip, "Parade" will float you away on a pillow of joss scented breezes. "Island of Heaven" reflects the bittersweet aura of fleeting romance. "New Reality" boldly embraces the inevitability of change. Hear the petals unfold within the psychic depths of "Calliope Wail" and "Luck Runs".  "Rocket to the Moon" offers up a funky blast of fresh air to keep your beeswax wings from melting.


While each song creates its own mood the album as a whole takes the listener on a calculated musical journey created to appeal to an opened mind (headphones anyone?)


These well polished studio productions convey a spontaneous feel (first takes, on-the-fly solos, snap decisions) that sustains the joy of creation in the moment.


Waves of Violet’s Art Cohen is a veteran electronic space and rock guitarist (Ministry of Inside Things, Delicate Monster, Men From When). Jay Blum is a versatile multi-instrumentalist with a plethora of solo productions. Matt Elberson plays drums with Electric Yellow .


Psychedelic rock for the 21st century - and more! Automaticity is rooted in the glorious past, yet is still fresh and forward sounding.